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What is QuadMeets?

A QuadMeets is with you, two random people, and a QuadSquad Leader for 30 minutes. It’s about connecting with people from anywhere and everywhere around the world.

We talk about where we are from, what we do professionally, and why we are on LinkedIn. 

The goal is to find out if or how we can do business with one another, provide connections, or be a resource.

Is It Worth It??

QuadMeets Graph

Meet great people like Claire Parsons (upper left), Mandy McIntyre (bottom left), Luke Matthews (bottom right) and Ryan Christopher (upper right).

Network with business professionals from the safety and comfort of your home with QuadMeets™.

Benefits & Features of QuadMeets

Why QuadMeets?

Most of us want more out of our LinkedIn connections rather than just being connected and reading or contributing through posts. We created #QuadMeets to help people connect on a more intimate level on LinkedIn.

​When there is a group of four people, we all have a reasonable amount of time to share and connect, making the time very valuable. No one seems rushed and a fair amount of information and dialog can take place, making our connections even more valuable!

Video Conference Meetings

Put a face to a name! Be able to see who you are connected with and learn all about them. It’s great to see other people’s body language and facial expressions when you talk with them.

Every individual has a story to tell and we want to bring that human touch and emotion to a broader audience with deeper meaning. No two QuadMeets will ever be identical because of the people you meet, the backgrounds you have, and the connections you solidify.

Worldly Connections

You will meet people all over the world! Learn about their culture and business practices. Enrich your understanding of how business is done in other parts of the world.

It’s rare you will meet with the same person twice. You will gain new connections that you can take to a deeper and more intimate business relationship.

Great for Mental Health, Personal & Professional Development

Being isolated is tough and it can be hard to get out and meet new people. QuadMeets allows you to see people, have unique, fun, and meaningful conversations that go beyond an initial meeting.

Those who attend are improving a variety of skill sets including learning how to be better communicators when talking about what they do and the products or services they provide.

What is the Cost of QuadMeets?

This is a service we provide for free as a way for people to connect!

We do have costs associated with this free platform. If you have found value in QuadMeets™, then we would be grateful and would gladly appreciate any financial contribution you could make.

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